The Writer's Desk


I write creative content, short stories, poetry and other items for personal pleasure and as a source of income. The digital publishing trends have enabled writers to explore their potential for digital publication. Recently, I have begun ghostwriting for publishers. The reality of the publishing business is that many a great author should have been published, but the cost to promote publication is prohibitive for the publishers, agents and the writer, until recently. Anyone can now instantly publish an online report, biography, cookbook, diary, how-to book or novel through companies like Kindle Direct and be paid for doing it.

The desire to write and marketing is still a huge part of a writer's success story. Self-publication has made the potential for writers to be judged on the merits of their writing skills at little or no cost. Placing the control of what gets published, read and shared, is now a decision made of, for and by the people, and not the publishers sitting in their ivory Manhattan towers.