Academic Courses
College Semester Year Subject Course Credits Title Description Instructor
Delgado CC Fall 1987 TECH 1004 4 Interior Design An introduction to interior design, industry standards, floorplans, design principals and procedures. Peggy Waldren
Delgado CC Spring 1988 TECH 1001 4 Design I Study and practice of color schematics, room layout and design including a study of various types of designs. Peggy Waldren
Delgado CC Fall 1988 TECH 1003 3 Drafting I Introduction to best practices for drafting and scaling to dimension Staff
Delgado CC Spring 1989 TECH 1004 4 Drafting for Interior Design This course applies the principals of drafting to interior design and includes specific techniques that apply specificly to industry standards of drafting for interior design of residential and commericial floor plans. Staff
MGCCC Spring 2012 CAT 1323 3 Advertising Princ. for Digital Design Introduction to advertising techniques, marketing concepts, careers, industry requirements, and regulations specifically for students majoring in visual technology programs. Jeffrey Jones
MGCCC Spring 2012 ART 1113 3 Art Appreciation A course designed to provide an understanding and appreciation of the visual arts. Celia Cummings
MGCCC Spring 2012 ENG 1113 3 English Composition I Prepare the student for writings required in college and the workplace with an emphasis on effective paragraph and essay development. Shana Nero
MGCCC Fall 2012 Art 1433 3 Drawing I Includes the study of the basic elements and principles of organization in two dimensions and the selection, manipulation and synthesis of these components to create an organized visual expression Sandra Halat
MGCCC Fall 2012 Art 1313 3 Design I An understanding of the elements and principles of design to enable development of an informed, intuitive sense as well as a highly informed skills base/methodology involving black and white design problems which apply principles and elements of visual design. Sandra Halat
MGCCC Fall 2012 CAT 1113 3 Graphic Design and Production I An introduction to the skills of layout, typography, and the fundamentals needed of the graphic artist. The course will provide selected experiences involving layout, paste-up, simple renderings, printing processes, camera ready layouts, mechanicals, and layout formats. Jeffrey Jones
MGCCC Fall 2012 CAT 1213 3 Fundamentals of Graphic Computers An introduction to graphic computer systems, industry hardware, software and techniques related to graphic design/commercial art and Web design, utilizing Adobe software and Apple Macintosh computers. Jeffrey Jones
MGCCC Spring 2013 CAT 1123 3 Graphic Design and Production II A continuation of Graphic Design and Production I with concentration on color printing, mechanical processes, color separations, screens, cropping and scaling photographs/artwork for reproduction with continued emphasis on design, typography, assembly, and binding. The course will utilize both traditional and computer techniques Jeffrey Jones
MGCCC Spring 2013 SOC 2113 3 Intro to Sociology This course introduces the scientific study of human society and social interaction. Social influences on individuals and groups are examined JoAnne Daniels
MGCCC Spring 2013 ART 1443 3 Design II To provide students with an understanding of color theory and applications of color so that there begins to be an informed as well as intuitive sense of seeing, mixing, and applying color and light to design problems. Sandra Halat
MGCCC Fall 2013 CAT 1143 3 Typography A comparison of traditional uses of typography with those of a more contemporary approach. This is an in-depth exploration of type in relation to meaning and form with a refined application of drawing skills before final output on computer. Jeffrey Jones
MGCCC Fall 2013 IST 1154 4 Web Design Applications I This course is an introduction to Web site development and programming logic. Students will gain experience in the development of computer programs. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to create a Web site and post it on the Internet. Sadie Hebert
MGCCC Fall 2013 MMT 1113 3 Principals of Marketing Study of principles and problems marketing goods and services and methods of distribuition from producer to consumer. Types, functions, and practices of wholesalers and retailers and efficient techniques in the development and expansion of markets. Janice Mabry
MGCCC Fall 2013 CSC 1123 3 Computer Applications This course develops communication skills with emphasis on principles of writing business correspondence and reports, and preparing presentations using electronic media. Dana Price
MGCCC Spring 2014 WDT 1413 3 Web Design Applications I Application of various professional and personal Web design applications. Students will work with the latest WYSIWYG editors, HTML editors, animation/multimedia products, and photo editors. Sadie Hebert
MGCCC Spring 2014 CAT 2313 3 Basic Advertising Design Concepts and methodology related to the graphic design/commercial art industry utilizing current software and related hardware. Prerequisite: Jeffrey Jones
MGCCC Spring 2014 CAT 2222 2 Basic Photography An introduction to photography with emphasis on the digital camera, exposure, composition, and lighting. Jeffrey Jones